Internet Marketing Agency that provides Internet Marketing and quality Web Development, for businesses, since July 2010.

The Clopp marketing & design agency was founded in July 2010, and has been providing quality Web Development and Internet Marketing to local businesses and the public ever since.

Located in Melbourne, Clopp unite over 25 professionals and does all kinds of awesome things for the Internet community in the US, United Kingdom, Australia and all around the word.

Why more and more businesses choose Clopp?

  • We don’t restrict our customers with one Content Management System or a proprietary solution.
  • We believe in using the best solutions for our clients, not just what we have on hand.
  • We will not try to sell you on a proprietary, in-house CMS system that was developed in 1999.
  • We will look at all your interests, to find the right solution for your business and sales.

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